About Me

I am a level 4 sports & remedial massage therapist and a level 5 sports therapist, offering sports massage and sports therapy services in Essex at competitive prices…

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Massage Services

As a professional sports massage therapist in Basildon, I am able to provide you with an affordable solution to your massage therapy needs.

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Prices and Availability

My prices are very competitive – please call 07702 511 022 for more information on prices or to check my availability or make a massage booking.

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Professional Sports Therapy in Basildon

Welcome to my website

Looking for a Sports Therapist in Basildon? If you have been suffering from sore joints and aching bones you need to get in touch with today. My name is Richard Argles and I am a Level 4 sports and remedial massage therapist and Level 5 sports therapist offering unique massage treatments at competitive prices.

What I offer you

My sports therapy in Basildon is about getting you fit to return to your daily activities, whatever they may be. Sports Massage is a systematic approach to injury recovery that tries to ensure a realistic approach to rehabilitation. All injuries take time to recover from and without a supervised approach return to their activity far too early and suffer repeat and reoccurring injuries to the same areas of their body.

As a Massage Therapist in Basildon I will give you that motivation to continue with the rehabilitation work and ensure you are fully recovered. I will take you through a rehabilitation programme designed especially for you, from basic muscle movements, through proprioception work to functional and recreational strength work before we get to sport or activity specific exercises and a return to competitive action.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of sports and remedial Massage Basildon is the reduced risk of gaining additional and reoccurring injuries, reduce stress and tension and of course to recover from an injury. You don't have to a sports person to benefit from a sports massage, if you spend all day hunched over a computer, driving a car or lorry, cutting hair, cleaning, or many other physical activities you might carry tension in your upper back and neck.

This tension can lead to reduced performance; massage therapy can alleviate this tension and restore you to peak performance. The treatment will leave your body feeling rejuvenated and help you feel back to your old self in no time at all. I will also help you with stretching and warm up and cool down routines to help keep you supple and relaxed.

Prices and availability

When it comes to Sports Therapy Basildon, I charge a highly affordable rate. My prices are very competitive and are a great value for money. Get in touch with me today for an extensive list of services and prices.

Please call me today to find out about my availability, I work from a clinic at the Bodycare Heath and Fitness Club so you can rest assured you will be in a safe environed when undergoing treatments.

Get in touch

When you're ready for Sports Massage Basildon, get in touch with me, Richard Argles today on 07702 511 022. For more information about me or any of the services listed here, don't hesitate to browse the website or alternatively, you can email me and I will answer any question or queries you have.